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Portfolio / Headshot Photo Shoot:

$200.00 for a consultation, a 90 minute session with as many looks as you want and the editing/processing of images. Photo session can be in studio, your home or any location of your choice. Within 1-2 weeks after the session, you will receive a minimum of 30 to 40 electronic images in a Dropbox folder.


Families or Group Photo Shoot:

$300.00 per session. This includes up to 4 people in a session ($30.00 per person above 4) and within a 15 mile radius (extra travel cost outside the 20 mile radius from Capitol Hill, Denver). This includes a consultation, Jesse's time, a 2 hour session at your location of choice and editing and processing of images. Within 2-3 weeks after the session, you will receive a Dropbox link with 50 to 60 images.


Concerts, Parties, Small Events or Shows:

Start at $200.00 per hour but can vary depending on need.


Wedding, Ceremonies or Union Photo Shoot:

Weddings or Special Events start at $800.00 for a minimum of four hours. This includes coverage of any of your celebrations such as engagement ceremonies, church services, and wedding receptions and beyond. Within 6-8 weeks after the ceremony, you will receive a Dropbox folder link with 300 to 500 high resolution images.

Miscellaneous Items:

I am available to shoot whatever your needs may be: Real Estate, Corporate, Website business needs, Food, Nature, Architecture, etc. Prices typically start at $200.00 per hour but cost can vary dependent on the item and need. Please ask me as based on the need I can work with you on the price.


I require a deposit that is half of your total cost at the time of the shoot (example: $75.00 for portfolio, $400.00 for wedding). This non-refundable deposit is NOT an extra fee, it is deducted from the final cost of your session.


Additionally, you can purchase images of the events or posted shots for $35.00 per image emailed to you.

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